Doom Counter

Through the ages there have been thousands of predictions for the end of the world, and the modern age seems to produce more than ever. Doom Counter is an utility that provides an overview of these events, and a countdown to the next event. In addition it contains a database of hundreds of past and future end of the world predictions which the user can browser at leisure.

The application is intended for entertainment purposes only, and does not in any way support or promote the actual destruction of the world or the human race.

The current database contains over 200 separate end of the world predictions ranging from doomsday prophecies thousands of years BCE to the predicted heat-death of the universe in a googol years (10100 = 1 with a hundred 0s). And more are added continuously.

Predictions are changing all the time, and the information in the application is updated when existing predictions are revised or new predictions become available.

If you feel some event is missing or some of the information listed is wrong or incomplete, please send an email to and provide corrected information so that we can update the database. Please include f possible links to web pages or other sources where the new/updated information can be found.

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  • A counter counting down to the nearest doom event
  • A list of all the events in the database, with a description of the predicted event, and links to external information
  • An option to search the database using freetext search on all database fields. This allows the user to look for specific types of events, specific claimants etc.
  • Note: The search is case insensitive, and searches through all fields, including external link urls.


  • To search for comet related extinction events, type "comet" in the search field.
  • To search for events in october, type "oct" in the search field (dates are listed as dd-mmm-yyyy). To avoid search hits in other fields, the search string "-oct-" may be used.
  • Events

    A doom event in this application is defined as an event that will result in significant damage to the world or a large loss of life, but does not necesssarily need to mean the total destruction of the planet or the total annihilation of the human race. Also note that for very old claims, or claims from groups without knowledge of the planet, a doom event may refer to a local event as well (that is the destruction of the world as they know it).

    Each event has the following attributes:

  • A name describing the event
  • The name of one or more persons or groups making the claim
  • A predicted date for the event
  • The uncertainty of the predicted date (if any)
  • Dates of earlier predictions for the event by the same claimant (if any)
  • The (worst case) consequences of the event (severity).
  • The probability for the event ("Unlikely" if not calculated)
  • The current status of the claim
  • A textual description of the event
  • Links to external sources describing more details for the event or the persons/groups making the claim.
  • The exact time for an event in Doom Counter is the beginning of the period listed. That is, if the time is "February 2001", the exact time will be "00:00:00 1-Feb-2001". If the time is 2001, the exact time will be "00:00:00 1-Jan-2001".

    Only events with a specified predicted time is listed in Doom Counter. Predictions like the Norse viking Ragnarok is not listed as it is a general description of the end of the world, but does not provide any predictions of when it will happen.

    The events are divided into several categories, for example human warfare, comet impact, religious prediction, technological disaster, etc., and each of the categories is represented by a specific image to easily separate the event types. The following categories are currently used

    Astrology prediction
    Comet/asteroide impact
    Cult prediction
    Scientific theory
    Psychic prediction
    Religious prediction
    Cosmological/astronomical event
    Solar event
    Natural disaster
    Technology related prediction
    UFO/Alien/Ufology related event
    Human warfare
    Unknown/Other event

    Each event has a probability attached. This is the likelihood of the event occuring within the time span given. For events where mathematical calculation of probability is not possible it is assigned the probability of "Unlikely". Note that this in no way is a reflection of an analysis of the actual claim, "Unlikely" is used because until now all earlier predictions of the end of the world has turned out to be not true. Most religious predictions fall into this category.

    Most events have links to external information in case the user desire to investigate further information regarding the event. These links will be opened in the default browser (Safari).


    Doom Counter will run on iPhone or iPad running iOS 5.0 or later. iPhone 3GS and earlier devices are currently not supported.

    If you like to have support for 3GS or other older devices, please send an email to


    We are always trying to improve our products. For feedback on Doom Counter (bug reports, requests for improvements and new functionality, complaints and praise) please send an email to