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01 Dec 2023

SEG-Y revision 2.1 released

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17 Sep 2018

Webinar: State of SEG-Y (rev. 2) (SEG ERAC)

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11 Apr 2017

SEG-Y revision 2 released

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25 Feb 2016

bbTracker 1.0.1 for iOS released

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23 Feb 2016

eMagnify v1.1.2 for iOS released

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15 Feb 2016

PicCalc 1.0 for iOS released

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02 Feb 2016

bbTracker 1.0 for iOS released

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01 Dec 2015

Navi HUD 2.0.1 for iOS released

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25 Nov 2015

Delta Level Pro 1.1.1 for iOS released

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12 Nov 2015

eMagnify v1.1.1 for iOS released

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25 Nov 2014

Daeco doing format validation in cooperation with Troika International

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21 Nov 2014

Delta Level Pro v1.1.1 for Android released

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18 Oct 2014

bbTracker v1.0 for Android released

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17 Feb 2014

Navi HUD v2.0 for iOS released

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31 Jan 2014

Navi HUD v1.2 for iOS released

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22 Jan 2014

Delta Level Pro v1.1 for iOS released

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21 Jan 2014

eMagnify v1.1 for iOS released

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07 Jan 2014

Delta Level Pro v1.0 for Android released

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10 Oct 2013

yChecker v1.0 released

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18 Apr 2013

eMagnify v1.0 for iOS released

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23 Feb 2013

Navi HUD v1.1.1 for iOS released

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14 Feb 2013

dChecker v1.1 released

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22 Dec 2012

Delta Level Pro v1.0.1 for iOS released

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10 Oct 2012

Daeco working on SEG-Y data validator for Troika International

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10-13 Jun 2013

75th EAGE Conference London

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22-27 Sep 2013

83rd SEG Annual Meeting Houston

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Jun 2012

Latest update of SEG-D Rev 3.0.

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Daeco Consultancy Services

Daeco Consultancy Services is a small independent company providing technical consultancy services. We offer software solutions and IT consultancy services, and are experts in seismic survey acquisition/validation and reservoir- and data-management areas of the oil and gas sector with long experience working with international teams.

Software development

The company develops products for both general sale and tailored products for specific clients. The company can be part of all aspects of software development from planning and design to testing, deployment and support. Daeco has a long and proven trackrecord in developing software systems of various sizes and complexity.


Daeco provide consultancy and advisory services to companies to support their own internal development or to increase the internal knowloedge. The topics can range from user interaction and workflow analysis to software system design, software development, IT infrastructure, data format compliance and storage optimalization.

Seismic survey and reservoir workflow

The companys core competency is developing solutions for the Oil and Gas sectior, including seismic data acquisition, reservoid modelling, survey planning and quality control, data management and system integration, for Marine, Land, Seabed and Transitionzone operations.

Data formats

The company is a leading member of several industry technical bodies and is involved in the process of standards development and data formats. Rune Hagelund served as the chair of the Society for Exploration Geophysicists Technical Standards Committee ( between 2010 and 2013. The company has developed format compliance software for several seismic formats.


Principal Consultant Rune Hagelund

Rune Hagelund has 20+ years experience in system development and system architecture, and has long experience in designing and developing systems for the oil industry. The experience spans from seismic survey planning and data acquisition via quality control and data processing to reservoir modelling, seismic workflow and data management. This includes large systems running on Linux/Unix servers/clusters and smaller user applications running on Windows or Linux PCs, implemented in a wide range of technologies from C/C++ and Java to modern scripting languages like Python. The experience spans from designing and specifying the systems in cooperation with the various stakeholders, thru implementation and testing to purchasing, configuration, installing and supporting the systems.

Rune Hagelund has also been working on international standardization for several years, and held the position of Technical Standards Committee chair at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists for several years (2010-2013). He is the author of SEG-D rev 3.0, and is involved in the development of various SEG technical data standards. Rune received in 2014 the SEG Special Commendation Award for this work. For more information on the Technical standards Committee, please refer to



CV: CurriculumVitae_RuneHagelund.docx

    The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) (Full voting member)
    European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE)
    Association of Petroleum Surveying and Geomatics (APSG)